Tia Mowry Husband

Actor Cory, Tia Mowry husband is feeling great these days; his wife since 2008 Tia is taking care of Cory’s first child, in her belly. The baby is likely to be born on July 3rd, 2011. Tia Mowry husband is 31 years of age while Tia is 32 and the news of their first child makes the couple excited and happy.

The soon dad to be, Cory says that he and his wife is very excited to be parents, a moment they had been waiting for a long time to arrive. Tamera and Tia Mowry are sisters, actually the identical twins. One of them i.e. Tia and her film actor husband Cory Hardrict will be parents in the month of July.

Meanwhile, Cory will be there on the Style Network broadcast scheduled in later part of the current year. The same channel promises to air a report on Cory’s wife’s pregnancy soon. It was in 1990s when these twin sisters were discovered. Both Tamera Mowry and Tia Mowry were offered a title role in ‘Sister, Sister,’ an ABC sitcom.

Tamera Darvette Mowry thus gained quite fame as an American actress ever since she appeared in the above noted sitcom during 1990s. The twin sisters used to visit the sets of ‘Full House’ where their brother appeared most frequently during 1990s and this is where they were noticed. When offered the title role(s) in Sister, Sister, the twins agreed to the offer immediately.

Tamera Mowry was also there in ‘Twitches,’ an original Disney Channel Movie that was followed by ‘Twitches Too,’ a sequel of the same.

Stephanie Seymour and Son

Ever since the ‘hot’ picture of Stephanie Seymour and son namely Peter Brant II has been released; the mother and son are in headlines. The controversial snapshot featuring Stephanie Seymour and son in the middle of a lip-to-lip kiss has garnered lot of attention and lot of criticism as well.

Stephanie M. Seymour is well-known American model as well as an actress and has been the face of numbers of notable fashion publications and magazines. 41-year-old model has got an 18-year-old son called Peter Brant-II and in the photo in question; Peter and Seymour are kissing each other.

The son is not kissing his mother; he’s kissing her pretty oddly and in a notable manner. Ever since the photo was published online people talked a lot about the same thus a statement by Brant followed according to which; the picture(s) are just meaningless. Peter called them as ‘out of context’ and added that he’s too close to his mother; just like all other children in the family.

Further, peter stated that he and his siblings are not new to the ‘situation’ reflecting from the pictures; Seymour is in habit of kissing her children in this particular intimate manner. He went on to say that all the mothers around the globe do the same, so nothing unusual then? The last thing what Peter said sounds more ‘strange.’

He said both Seymour and he knew that they had company. They were completely aware that the day they used to walk around that beach; they knew cameras followed them. Photographers were there and mother and son still kissed each other, great. Please see the photo by yourself and say; whatever you wish to!